Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Phani Raju Bhima Raju prays for her soul to rest in peace

Phani Raju Bhima Raju Condolences ammaI Deeply stirred by the demise of Tamilnadu CM Jayalalitha, the iron lady. Phani Raju Bhima Raju condolences on the passing away of Jayalalitha ji.. may her soul rest in Peace!!

Friday, 25 November 2016

I like to watch love story movies! - Phani Raju Bhima Raju

phani raju bhima rajuI want to have a sleep over with my spouse and watch love movies. but all my friends are posting cute things about being thankful about their girlfriend while I lay in bed & watch love movies. So, I need to stop watching love films , it puts these crazy fantasies that may never happen before but probably shouldn't be depressing myself with all these floppy and too emotional love movies now a days!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

I love my mobile! - Phaniraju Bhimaraju

Its still bizarre to me that I can run around and make fun with a college assignment (make a small mobile app). I love my app development choice. I love my little love-bug! hehee..love bug is my smart phone. It is my biggest supporter! my scheduler. I want everyone to know how amazing my smartphone was lol that's how you're supposed to feel about your significant piece.

Phani Raju Bhima Raju

Table Tennis is my favorite Sport - Bhima Raju

Phani Raju Bhima Raju
Sometimes I just want to play table tennis with my best friend. I'm not really into this sport before but I can play some. Table tennis is good in Olympic sport to watch live. But now, 9 Boys from my Table Tennis coaching company team have just secured their second win beating against opponent team.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Phani Raju Bhimaraju on India Temple Incense

Phani Raju Bhimaraju
Kept my book by this incense collection and now I feel so calm and happy when I fire up these sticks. Trying to find a beautiful vintage temple feel holder for this incense sticks.Because I need good positive vibes.